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About Clare Christie

About Clare Christie

Clare Christie from Harmony At Home

  • If you are ready to cut through the confusing minefield of parenting information and make things easier for yourself and your children
  • If what drives you is wanting to have the best possible relationships with your children and others
  • If you are passionate about raising your children to be secure, independent and thoughtful individuals

Then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to get what you deserve:

Confidence in your parenting

Kind and loving relationships

Harmony at home

Parenting is far too exhausting. Where do all those ‘how to parent’ ideas come from anyway? Who decides? Parenting advice seems to change all the time – this research, that research, latest technique or book or advice…arghhh, it’s too much pressure and it just serves to pile up guilt that you are not getting it ‘right’.


There is no RIGHT way to parent, only YOUR WAY.

Getting more harmony at home means reducing stress, knowing your values and feeling confident about how to parent. It means getting the support you need, the space to be yourself and building respect for every member of the family.

It’s about relationships!

You are discovering that wealth isn’t about money – wealth is in the lasting connections that make.  I’m guessing you want that for your children – you want it more more than anything. Think about when you feel the most joy – it isn’t at the shops, it is very  likely to be when you are in love.

For years we have been taught that we need to change our children and get them to ‘behave’, but deep down you know this isn’t true. It’s not about the children – you are doing this for yourself because you want your happy back.

You know that when you are happy and loved, everything seems easier.

Clare Christie from Harmony At Home

About Me – Clare Christie

My experience as a young child, growing up on a Council Estate in the North of England taught me harsh lessons. I had to quickly learn to stand

on my own feet as I’m from the generation where “little girls should be seen and not heard.”

I knew in my heart that I needed more than I was getting, but I was made to feel terrible and selfish every time I tried to voice my needs. This was not helping me to shine.

When I had my own child in 1998 I quickly discovered that it was very different from what they say in how to parent books and I desperately wanted to be different to my parents.

There was so much contradictory advice and information out there that I completely wore myself out trying too hard, then feeling guilty because ‘it’ wasn’t working. My child got too much and I gave myself too little. I was completely exhausted. It had to be easier. Surely it hadn’t always been this complicated?

So began my quest to understand the social, cultural and biological links of parenting. How to parent, how we learn to parent, what is ‘natural’ and what is imposed.

I quickly realised that the very heart of what we search for as we grow is safety and security from within our family and community and in order to experience these you require a parent that is self-aware and responsive.  I also understood that the needs of every single child and parent were slightly different, because everyone is unique. There is no ‘One size fits all’. That is why the approach I developed is a relief for parents; it’s practical, just for you but contains some very basic skills that apply across all relationships.

When you book a session or take a course with me, you’ll find balance between your needs and the needs of your child, you’ll feel supported, make significant changes and develop closer and loving relationships with your children.

I want you to feel great, calmer and competent. I want you to know what to do. I want you to love being a parent.

You can have happier and more responsive children. You can be a calmer and more competent parent.

When you are ready to make a shift in your thinking, you really can achieve more Harmony At Home.


With a background in Office Management I was uncertain of the direction to take once I became a parent.

I wanted to be there for my son but when I became a sole parent I needed to be able to support us both.

I read a book called Parent Effectiveness Training and it changed the way I saw children and their needs. I wanted to teach others how to connect with their children but the instructor training wasn’t available in Perth, so being the tenacious soul that I am I wrote my own parenting programme called Do It Yourself Parenting which ran successfully for several years in local community centres.

Eventually I became an accredited PET instructor and as a result of running courses I found that parents were asking me for one-to-one coaching sessions and so Harmony At Home was founded.

I have worked with 1000’s of parents in their homes and presented many public workshops on connection, relationships, tantrums, behaviour, bullying, nurturing little hearts and blurry boundaries. I also help businesses to provide parenting support to reduce stress and increase productivity.

In addition, I underwent training in Circle of Security Parenting, Foundation Course in Child Development, Narrative Therapy, CBT using ABC Paradigm Bullying Prevention and became a qualified Counsellor with the focus on parenting and family therapy.

I am the Vice President of the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia (ETIA) which has been providing communication training in Australia for over 40 years.

Add to that, 1000’s of hours of personal research, reading, interviews, workshops with child development experts and daily contact with parents to understand what works and what doesn’t.

I have spoken on ABC Radio, local radio and presented Community, school, corporate and private public speaking engagements across Australia.

Call me now on 0418 914 871 to discuss your parenting needs.