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Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Clare Christie has over 12 years experience entertaining audiences


Looking for an entertaining, inspiring guest speaker for your upcoming conference or special event?

A successful speaker will leave your audience on a high and the feedback Clare receives from audiences is 100% positive.

Book Clare for your next event and you’ll have audiences wanting more.

Talks can be tailored to your budget and needs on a range of parenting and inspirational topics shown below.

Whether for 15 or 500, if you want a talk that is full of simple, practical take-home parenting tools to help encourage and inspire your participants and provide a huge sigh of relief, contact Clare today.


Who loves to book Clare for events?

  • Schools
  • P&C
  • Playgroups
  • Family Friendly Businesses
  • Community Organisations
  • Local Government
  • Private Parenting Groups

Popular topics

  • Tantrums
  • Boundaries – why are they so blurry?
  • Your child is not royalty and you are not a slave
  • Little hearts need big love
  • Good cop/bad cop – who is who?
  • Communicate to connect and not alienate
  • Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?

If there is a burning parenting topic you would like to present, Clare can tailor a presentation to the requirements of your organisation.

How to book

Contact Clare on 0418 914 871 for more information or send your enquiry below.

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