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Circle of Security Parenting Course

Circle of Security Parenting Course
Circle of Security Parenting Course – Parent Education for your child’s future

The Circle of Security Parenting Course is a remarkable parenting programme which helps you to provide a secure and loving base for your children.

Based on over 50 years of research into child development and needs, the results speak for themselves.

Presented by an expert and licensed facilitator, the skills are demonstrated by showing recordings of real life examples which easily and clearly illustrate the needs of a young child.

You will understand your own reactions, deal with tantrums quickly and calmly and you’ll save yourself time because your children won’t be so demanding of you.

After completing the Circle of Security Parenting Course you will know exactly what your child requires. Parent/child interactions will be easier and less stressful and the behaviour of your children will dramatically improve.

You’ll wish that everyone knew about The Circle.

We can tailor this course to your requirements. It can be run privately, in the convenience and comfort of your home, or in a community environment.

Take a look at this introductory video and then contact Clare on 0418 914 871 for more information and pricing.

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