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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mothers Day

To All Mums


Over the years I’ve spent wonderful times talking to lots of you.


I’ve seen just how much you love your children. I’m constantly blown away by what I see inside your hearts.


I’ve heard over and over again your worries about whether you are doing a good enough job.


You’ve shared with me your stories of struggle, hard work, exhaustion, emotional turmoil, coping with illness, grief and conflict. And yet you get up every day and get through it all because you know your children need you more than anything.  It’s easy to forget how selfless this is. This is true love.








Many of you are working, studying, managing a home, relationship, children and too often putting your own needs at the bottom of the list.


What I’ve noticed more than anything is that you are far too hard on yourself. Please try to be kinder to yourself and appreciate all that you do.


Your dedication to your family is something to be celebrated and the difficult times are what make you grow stronger.


One day your children will marvel at how you managed to do so much and still find time to kiss them goodnight and tell them how much you love them every day.


If you asked your partner, best friend or close family, I know they would say how proud they are of you and how much you deserve a break.


This Mothers Day you may be thanked and recognised by others. I also want you to thank yourself and celebrate everything that you have done.


You’ve helped your children to grow. You’ve fed, clothed, washed, kissed, played, nursed, and cared for them.


You’ve nagged because in your heart you want them to be self-motivated.


You’ve been a Mum Taxi and driven them everywhere because you want them to feel safe and have many opportunities.


You’ve cried and made mistakes because you were learning about what works and what doesn’t work and sometimes that can take time. But you did learn.


You got up in the middle of the night even though you were exhausted because you knew in that moment they needed you a little bit more than you need sleep.


You’ve struggled through as best you can because you are strong and proud.


Whatever your family give you for Mothers Day, know that you totally deserve it every day and give it to yourself too.


Celebrate your love, dedication and really hard work and please know that being you is good enough.


Thank you.



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