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The Joy of Parenting on ABC Radio National

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The Joy of Parenting?


Modern parenting has become hard work – extremely hard work.


Time constraints, work, activities, stress and exhaustion lead to parents feeling guilty that they are not providing their children with a joyful experience.


But what about you?  Don’t you deserve some joy?… Continue reading

Workshop – Communication Skills with Children

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Fantastic 2 day training course to completely overhaul the way you communicate.

If you are looking for long term results to ensure the wellbeing of your family this is the course for you.  Communication Bootcamp will give you the skills to develop and maintain lifelong warm relationships with your children without shutdowns and walkouts.… Continue reading

Workshop To End Parenting Battles

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Fantastic 2 hour workshop to end constant family battles.

Are you too strict or too permissive?

If nothing is working and if you are at your wits end then this workshop will really help.

You will learn key communication tools to prevent the constant roller coaster ride of resistance, battles, stress and exhaustion.… Continue reading

Kids Can Be Cruel – Understanding Bullying Workshop

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Bullying Prevention Workshop … A fantastic 2 hour workshop to help you understand bullying.

Together we will take a comprehensive look at bullying in all of it’s forms and the devastating impact it can have on children and families.… Continue reading

Nurturing Young Hearts Workshop

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Relations between parents and children

This workshop will show you how to parent in an encouraging, loving, non-blameful or reactive way. You will be able to help your child build more confidence, resilience and strong self-esteem.

A strong sense of self is essential to be able to navigate life’s ups and downs.… Continue reading

Free Workshop // Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior

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This FREE workshop will help you to understand what makes children cooperate and get them to follow through on requests.

You will be given the tools to get your children to listen to you and do what you ask.

Don’t miss out on this FREE workshop.… Continue reading

Dealing with Child’s Tantrums // WorkShop

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Help is at hand if you are struggling to cope with your child’s tantrums.

This 2 hour workshop will help you to understand:

  • Preventative measures
  • How to calm tantrums down
  • What escalates feelings in the first place
  • Age appropriate behaviour
  • How to manage your own feelings in the heat of the moment
  • Why punishment doesn’t work

Clare Christie is an expert parenting facilitator with over 10 years experience working with parents and children.… Continue reading

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace // WorkShop

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Harmony At Home is now running corporate workshops on effective communication.

Unresolved conflict in the workplace causes stress, poor performance and resentment towards Management and co-workers. The feedback I receive following these workshops also indicates that there is a follow-on effect at home, where workplace grievances are no longer causing family stress.… Continue reading

Workshop on Conflict Resolution // Are You A Loser?

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Workshop on Conflict Resolution. When we go into battle over conflict generally someone will win or lose.

This one day workshop will help you to understand the basics of conflict resolution:

  • Why do we have conflict?
  • Why do we avoid it?
  • Identifying what each person needs
  • Coming up with creative ideas
  • Having fun with conflict
  • Win/Win outcomes for everyone
  • How conflict can bring us closer together

Whether there is conflict with your children, partner, boss or friends this workshop will give you fantastic strategies to resolve things much more effectively.… Continue reading

What Words Do You Feed Your Child?

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Choosing your words wisely is crucial when it comes to parent/child relationships.

Many parents don’t realise the dramatic impact that their words have on their children.

This one day workshop will cover:

  • How to eliminate blame, name-calling, put-downs and shaming
  • Shutting down communication with verbal stoppers
  • Aggressive versus appropriately assertive communication
  • Words to gain cooperation
  • What we model is what we get back

Workshop runs from 10am to 3pm

Venue: Carr Street, North Perth, WA, 6005

Cost: $50 per person

Refreshments provided

Places are limited and bookings are essential

Contact clare@harmonyathome.com.au for more information or submit your booking below.… Continue reading