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Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

Dr. Thomas Gordon’s, Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) course is the pioneering parenting program that has helped millions of parents around the world.

Happy parents means happy children and PET teaches you how to be happier and less reactive and how to talk so your children communicate openly and honestly with you.

A few extra tools in your parenting toolbox can make all the difference.

Parent Effectiveness Training takes the work out of parenting. It will help you to step back and see your children in a completely new light.

No parent wants to be ‘fired’ by their teenager and by learning the PET skills as early as possible you build trust, confidence and close relationships, now and into the future.

Many parents have expressed that PET not only helped them with their children but completely transformed their marriage.


Parent Effectiveness Training Structure

The PET is presented as 8 x 3 hour weekly sessions

Course Outline

Session 1 – Taking charge of problems and exploring some of the myths of parenting

This session helps you to understand the concept of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and why we are all different. You will discover that most parenting ‘should’s are myths and you will feel relieved and enthusiastic about the weeks ahead.

Sessions 2 & 3– When your child has a problem

During these sessions you will learn how to identify the times when you need to listen to your child and what to say. You will learn the art of Active Listening by practicing real-life scenarios. Knowing what is upsetting your children helps you to clearly understand what they need when they are upset or angry.

Session 4 – How to be assertive and get your children to really listen to you

The magic of Self-responsible communication and how it encourages your children to care about you and your needs. During this session you will learn more about the nature of anger and strong feelings.

Session 5 – Lets look at Resistance

Learning what is needed to shift gears when your child says ‘No’, refuses to cooperate despite your best efforts and more ways to express your needs.

Session 6 – Parenting Styles & Conflict Resolution

What kind of parent are you? Disciplinarian or Permissive? This session teaches you how to resolve conflict fairly and effectively.

Session 7 – Sibling Rivalry

What to do when your children are squabbling. Gain a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and the needs of your family. Continue work on creating harmonious outcomes during conflict.

Session 8 – The Big Issues

Being an effective role model and how to discuss the important issues with your children without lecturing or demanding. Valuing differences.


  • $300 per person including all materials
  • $580 per couple
  • Discounts for concession card holders

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