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What Is Your Super Mum Superpower?

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What Is Your Super Mum Superpower?

All single mum’s have special powers


I’m convinced single mothers develop a Superwoman gene in the few hours sleep they get.  However, many women don’t yet know they have it.


Friends, families, children, colleagues all know these single mums have this special power, and can point in awe and say “How on earth does she do so much! She’s Superwoman!”


On a daily basis, the world over, single mothers are just getting done what needs to be done, building on their strength, courage and resourcefulness.


You can try to bring us down……


Kryptonite is planted or hidden in all areas of single mothers lives – in sleep deprivation, tantrums, illness, depression, bills to pay, food to cook (11,000 meals in 15 years!), ex partners, ‘out’-laws, government and a society that has been trained to objectify us as somehow choosing to be single unless you are a widow or wealthy. Kryptonite comes from all directions, internally in the form of self-doubt, guilt (that’s the strongest one) and the other life sucking stuff comes in the form of external judgement. BUT it can’t stop us superheroine sorts – we keep going.


I never cease to be shocked at the nasty diatribes towards of single mums in the government and media. But since I discovered my special powers I have a new theory.


I think they want to bring these Superwoman down because they fear our special powers as single Mums.


  • They have found out about our amazing visual abilities to find things that are seemingly lost forever
  • We could fix the economy tomorrow with our family budgeting skills
  • They know we have amazing physical stamina and ability to stay awake during any crisis situation
  • They have seen us get to 5 places in 30 minutes with the speed and accuracy of a hawk
  • They know our mediation skills can end wars
  • They are wowed by our ability to transform our feminine self into tough guy at a moment’s notice.
  • They fear we have the power to take over the world because we are amazingly strong, resilient, resourceful, courageous, loving and can run in heels.



Begin to notice your super power – it’s important that you know you have it so we can put it to good use and save the world.


What is your special SuperPower?

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