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The Joy of Parenting on ABC Radio National

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The Joy of Parenting?


Modern parenting has become hard work – extremely hard work.


Time constraints, work, activities, stress and exhaustion lead to parents feeling guilty that they are not providing their children with a joyful experience.


But what about you?  Don’t you deserve some joy?… Continue reading

Dealing With ‘Defiance’

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Every day parents are faced with refusal to cooperate.  You make a request and are either ignored or actively resisted.


This is often referred to as defiance.


What is Defiance?


Do we call adults Defiant? What would we call an adult?… Continue reading

Every Child Deserves A Lovely Mother

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When I was little, I thought my Mum was beautiful, glamorous – unreachable, like a movie star. When she was putting her make up on to go out, I used to watch her from the doorway, hair in a beehive and mascara that was a little black cake that she would wet with her spit.… Continue reading

Getting Out Of The House On Time

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Thank you to Carolyn Verhoef from Out of The Box Solutions for her guest blog this week. Getting children organised can be exhausting and stressful – Carolyn provides some tips on how to make it easier.
How To Get Out Of The House On TIME!
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Love Is All You Need

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Is love enough?


I had an incident with my son the other day, we were arguing and I was so frustrated and angry. I walked into the kitchen to give myself some breathing space and I kept saying to myself over and over again, “Go back with love, go back with love.”  I went back with tears in my eyes and told him how much I loved him and apologised for raising my voice and getting upset with him and he hugged me and said, ‘Thank you Mum, I love you, it’s ok”.  From that moment our day was so different and I knew that something magical had happened.… Continue reading

Little Brother Is Watching You Parent

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Imagine that your child is a video camera, recording life as a parent in order to make sense of it so they know how to ‘be’.

  • You teach your child how to be a woman, a man, a friend.
  • You teach them how to forgive, how to be kind and how to deal with stress
  • You teach them what love looks like and how we treat each other
  • You teach them what respect means
  • You teach them what it is to live in a community
  • You teach them about what is important in the world
  • You teach them how to handle mistakes and conflict and what resilience is.
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Save Time Solving Problems – Siblings, You, Children

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How much time do you spend every day solving problems for everyone including siblings fighting, petty issues or just doing more than you need to?

If you are sick of hearing “Mum, Mum, Mum!” There are some easy time saving solutions you can use to help your children, siblings (and partners) to become more responsible and more cooperative and take the pressure off you to fix everything.… Continue reading

Harmony At Home Visit

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What you will get:

  • 90 minute private coaching
  • Action Plan to implement following each session
  • Telephone Support
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A happier and more relaxed family

All in the privacy of your home

Relations between parents and children

Lets Talk

You’ve had enough of feeling exhausted and you want life at home to be easier.… Continue reading

Harmony At Home Coaching Package

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Monday December 10, 2012 – Thursday February 28, 2013

Your Place

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You’ve had enough of feeling exhausted and you want life at home to be easier?

You know that yelling at the children to get them to cooperate isn’t the best way but how do you get them to listen?… Continue reading

Parenting Bootcamp – Northbridge

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Saturday April 6, 2013 – Saturday April 6, 2013

227 Newcastle Street

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Description: Parenting Bootcamp

If you are anything like me, its really hard to find time to scratch yourself.

Your relationship with your children has gotten to the point where some days driving into the sunset without them sounds lovely and peaceful….… Continue reading